Access StandOut SMS Platform  anywhere in the world with 24hr support

StandOut SMS Platform is a cloud-based bulk SMS service that enables you to reach your clients, colleagues, friends, and family in seconds. SMSing has never been this easy! In just a few clicks:

  • Follow up on leads, transform them into real opportunities
  • Tell your friends about your wedding, party, graduation, etc.
  • Send pay slip notifications to your staff
  • Invite your customers to your product launch
  • Keep your congregation informed and inspired through daily devotionals
  • Schedule interviews with prospective

Worrying about installation challenges? No need, It runs in the cloud.

This means no:

  • IT equipment cost
  • Need for support contracts
  • IT personnel needed

We do all the heavy lifting. Just buy credits for your messages and let us worry about the rest.


StandOut SMS Platform gets your message across when others can’t. Using our world-class solution, we get your messages delivered.

Using our unique technology, we deliver SMS 24/7 and you don’t pay for SMS that bounce or SMS that are rejected.

We provide you the cheapest SMS services prices in Ghana

The plan affords you pay less as your volume increases

You can purchase as low as ₵20.00.

If you are yet to create an account, Register now and get some free credits to try out our service in Ghana.