What is the Bulk SMS Platform about?

StandOut SMS is a platform used to send messages either voice or text.

The StandOut SMS platform helps you to effectively communicate with your clients, business partners and loved ones. With StandOut SMS you are able to send your reminders, notifications, and alerts to your customers.


How does it work?

We provide Cloud-based bulk SMS service. You can save a lot of time. Send survey messages to your respondents by the click of a button.

Customize your messages and send to your client with the click of a button. Messages can be customized and sent to more than 50, 000 contact by the click of a button.


Will it expire for us to renew?

Not at all


What will be required of us as a company to make it work?

Get signed up and you will be taught how to use the platform.


Will you play any role after setting the platform up? What will it be if any?

We shall always provide support if needed or unclear.

SMS credit is purchased from us.


What is the assurance that our data is safe and cannot be compromised?

The portal will be handled by yourself and we will not get access to your database or have a copy.


How much is the unit charge per message and how many characters make up one message?

The highest unit cost of an  SMS credit is GH0.05 (5 pesewas). Price is dependent on the quantity. the higher the quantity, the cheaper.

You are allowed to send at most 160 characters as well as customize the sender name which should also be 13 characters.


How do we check if messages have been received?

There will be a graphical delivery message on the platform.