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The church authority can use this service in various ways as indicated below:

Church service reminders

Invitation to special programmes like crusades etc.

Inviting new converts and encouraging them to attend meetings

Sending daily devotional and motivational text messages

Prayer requests to members

Donation requests

Tithe and offering reminders

Prayer topic reminders during times of fasting

Sending messages concerning time-sensitive issues to fellowships/groups etc.

Keep your congregation informed and inspired through daily devotionals


Product lunch

Birthday discounts

Discount Notification

Tour Plan confirmation

Reservation confirmation

Hotel booking confirmation

Send notifications on hotel reservations

Automated scheduling and queue management.

Bulk SMS Messages for the festive seasons and holidays. Eg. Easter, New Year, Workers Day, Independence Day etc.

Accommodation details are promotions of vouchers and discount coupons, updating special tour and travel itinerary, service inquiries, room availability service, festive offers and a lot more.


Event Update

Invitation alerts

Membership Renewal alerts

Bulk SMS Messages for the festive seasons and holidays. Eg. Easter, New Year, Workers Day, Independence Day etc.


Boost attendance

Event attendees will appreciate your SMS reminders! No one likes to be late for an event, and an SMS reminder allows you to send directions as well as provide delegates a second chance to re-check their diaries.

SMS text messages will significantly increase your engagement, allow you to promote tickets to your database and crucially help make your event a success!

Sending Events updates and notifications via SMS

Send last-minute text messages to fill empty seats or simply engage with a gentle location reminder! Events & Conferences


Educational news

Staff Meeting Alerts

Public Holidays alert

P.T.A. meetings reminder

Sending admission notices

Registration date announcement

Homework reminder mobile alert

Student’s performance mobile alert

Speech & Prize Giving day reminder

Alerting parent/guardians of absenteeism

Send notifications on school fees payment

Complete payment of fees acknowledgement

Fund raising, sporting activities and excursions

School re-opening and vacation dates’ reminder

Examination fees and exam dates mobile reminder

Send notifications on school exams results to parents

Normal or emergency mobile notice to parents/guardian

Sending important management decisions to employees

Policies of school concerning hair-do, a dress-code etc reminder

Fees dues (increment, arrears etc.) mobile alert to parents/guardian

Colleges and Schools – notifications and reminders of events, tests and grades info


Loan offers

Transaction alerts

OTP (one-time password)

Due Payment Notification

Bulk SMS to remind customers

Received payment confirmation

Send Bulk SMS to customers to remind them of loan payments due, insurance renewals, unpaid invoices etc. and include

Sending One-Time Passwords (OTP) to the customer’s mobile phone via SMS, utilizing it as Two-Layer security mechanism.

Finance Companies – sending instant periodical reminders of outstanding balance due to customers


Market News update

Trade Confirmation Notification

End of Day Position Notification


Service Reminder

Promotional sales/offers

Invitation for Test Drive

Customer Feedback Survey


Product lunch

Birthday discounts

Appointment reminders

Polls and surveys via SMS

Authenticatication requests

Reach targeted customers via SMS

Cancellation of appointment notices

Schedule interviews with prospective

Send pay slip notifications to your staff

Invite your customers to your product launch

Sending promotions and discounts via SMS to clients

Sending important management decisions to employees

Sending notification on Stock and exchange rates in financial markets

Bulk SMS Messages for the festive seasons and holidays. Eg. Easter, New Year, Workers Day, Independence Day etc.

Promoting brands, new arrivals, announcing discount offers, special festive rate cards, updates on new launches, product details are few of the services which retailers are using with the help of texting services.


PNR status

Flight delays

Confirm payments

Season offers notification

Ticket booking confirmation

Flight Cancellation notification

Confirm Hotel bookings/Flights etc

Include -booking ID, company name, link to company’s website and a thank you message


Tell your friends about your wedding, party, graduation, etc.

And so on, the number of uses for automated SMS systems are endless and growing.

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